ATTENTION Stressed out professionals and run-ragged parents: Here's the unvarnished truth about why you're not getting the results you're expecting from your kettlebell workouts...

"Discover How You Can Hack Into Your 'Hormonal Hardwiring' And Make Faster Progress In Strength, Fat Loss, And Conditioning With These Scientifically Proven Time-Efficient Kettlebell Workout Programs"

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you something you probably don't know - unless you are a professional athlete, you have zero business performing long, grueling workouts.

In fact, you are actually sabotaging your progress and frustrating yourself with every workout because you are polluting your body's recovery reserves and aggravating your body's stress hormones.

This has left you fat, weak, angry, and frustrated. I know, because I've been exactly where you are right now.


It is a little-known but scientifically proven fact that you will lose more fat, gain more strength, and increase your conditioning levels by performing shorter, more "intense" workouts.

In a recent study* done by Heden, et al., subjects were put on a simple resistance training protocol – 10 exercises (full body) for either 1 or 3 sets.

*(One-set resistance training elevates energy expenditure for 72 h similar to three sets. European Journal of Applied Physiology. Mar. 2011.Vol.111. Number 3:477-484.)

The researchers measured post-exercise energy expenditure 24, 48, and 72 hours post-workout. Both groups showed an elevated metabolism of around 100 calories per day.

Did you catch that?

One group did one third of the work of the other group and still burned the same number of calories post-workout.

What’s this prove?

It proves that you can actually get the same results or better by working out less - A lot less.

And that's exactly what I experienced...

In case you don't know me, I'm Geoff Neupert, former Master Kettlebell Instructor with StrongFirst, the world's leading kettlebell education company, and until recently, like you, I was convinced that I would see better results from my workouts when I followed the traditional 45 to 60 minute protocol 3 to 4 times per week until the day we welcomed our son into this world.

Then, due to lack of sleep, I had to modify my workouts in order to make progress. And my results astounded even me - a seasoned fitness professional.

At a time when most men not only have gained weight from "sympathetic pregnancy" and continue to pack on the fat - even bigger lovehandles and worse yet - manboobs -  I actually  continued to lose body fat and get leaner than I had been in 15 years.

In fact, I went from a 38.5 inch waist at the start of my wife's pregnancy down to a 32.5 inch waist when my son was born - a number I had not seen in 20 years. (There's a picture on the right I snapped with my cell phone.)

And here's the Good News - there's a scientifically valid reason for my results.

And the Even Better News is that when you learn and apply that science to your kettlebell workouts, you'll see results similar to mine.

Now I know you think that's absurd, but I want you to know there's one reason -  and one reason only - you are not making the progress you really want and seeing the results you want to see -

You Need More Recovery.

Yup, it's really that simple.

See, what most people don't know (and most trainers forget) is that it's not how much work you can do - it's how much you recover from the work you've already done.

If you can't adequately recover between workouts (which most people can't) then you won't see the results you're looking for. It's just that simple.

And that explains why -

  • You're not as thin or lean as you want to be

  • You have excess belly fat or can't seem to get rid of your belly fat

  • You're not as strong as you know you should be or once were

  • No matter how hard you work you still can't get those last 10 pounds off

  • The harder you work, the more you're body seems to do the opposite of what you want it to do

  • You seem to make progress for short periods of time and then get injured or lose your motivation or both

  • You can't ever seem to get enough sleep and always feel tired

  • You keep forgetting where you put things like your car keys or your glasses and waste valuable time looking for them only to find them in your jacket or on top of your head

  • You can't seem to kick those annoying little late-night habits like foraging in the kitchen for something sweet

  • Your sex drive isn't what it once was

Are you experiencing one or two or even more of these stress-related symptoms?

Since you're still reading this, I'm guessing the answer is "yes."

Well don't worry if you are -

There's a simple reason you just can't recover...

 There's Too Much Stress In Your Life!

Let's face it - life is way too stressful these days.

Our workday is longer than it ever has been. We work longer hours each day for less pay. And that causes stress at home because we're two-income families.

We can no longer sit down around the dinner table and have a "normal" life like our grandparents did and just relax and enjoy what we worked so hard for in the first place - our families.

And our kids - they are so involved in after-school activities (because that's what colleges say they need to do to get accepted) we can barely catch our breath, let alone sit down together to a healthy, relaxed, home-cooked meal on a regular basis.

Instead, we run around at Mach 3 with our hair on fire shuttling kids back and forth to soccer practice, chorus rehearsal, and 17 other after-school events and do our best to grab a quick meal at the drive-thru that we're 95% certain everyone will like.

And to top it all off, we bought our kettlebells because they looked like a simple alternative to get in shape and stay in shape at home instead of going to the gym.

But man - it's hard to find 45 minutes three times per week just to get our workouts in!

There is just so much demand on our time an our energy!

And the worst part of all is that we feel guilty taking time out for ourselves to work out and stay in shape - we feel like we're stealing time that we should be spending with our family.

Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?

Don't worry if it does. It simply means that you, like most people find themselves in one of two camps -

Camp 1: You try to alleviate stress through your workouts.

But ultimately you end up working out too hard in order to alleviate your stress. The bad part is that you're still trying to achieve a certain physical goal - lose 10 pounds, press a heavier weight, hit a certain number of snatches in a certain time period - whatever.

But your energy and mind are divided.

On one hand, you feel you need a hard workout to burn off the stress of the day. On the other hand you're not seeing the results you want - you're not achieving your goals of getting leaner or stronger or better conditioned body or to look better in the mirror - and worse yet - you seem to keep getting those little nagging aches and pains even though you're doing your best to follow the "program."

Camp 2: You end up feeling like your workouts are an "all or nothing" proposition.

If you can't get in the "prescribed" workouts you end up doing nothing because you don't have the energy or the "know how" to modify the workout or design your own from scratch.

This leaves you even more tired and frustrated, sometimes going weeks without working out.

Whichever camp you're in, I've found a simple solution that worked for me and will work for you too -

Stop Your Stress Hormone Sabotage.

You have two primary stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline. And when they get out of whack or go haywire, then things get ugly.

See, when you get stressed out, there’s a part of your brain – your hypothalamus – that sends an alarm signal to your body. In response, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol. (This is called the “fight or flight” response.)

Adrenaline increases blood pressure and signals your body to release extra energy (blood sugar) to overcome the potential threat.

Cortisol also mobilizes blood sugar for energy use, and basically shuts down your reproductive and digestive systems.

On the flip side, insulin is released to deal with the excess blood sugar and to return it the body’s cells for storage.

When you experience too much stress, without relief, including self-inflicted workout stress and emotional or psychic stress, your body is placed in a chronic “fight-or-flight” state.

So your sex drive drops and your digestive processes are basically shut down and your insulin levels become chronically elevated.

Among other things, this means your body no longer fully digests your food, so it stores it as excess body fat, which is why you see an increase in belly fat and lovehandle fat among other things when you’re over-stressed.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact the solution, which I found, is quite simple. The key is to...

Amplify Your Anabolic Hormones.

The really great thing about your body is it has all the solutions you need for pretty much any problem. For example, when you get sick, you run a temperature. It's your body's way of killing off the intruders.

In the same way, the solution to combating the increase in your body's stress hormones is to actively seek to amplify your anabolic hormones, namely testosterone and growth hormone.

Testosterone - Keeping Your Sex Drive Alive

Yes, testosterone is the male sex hormone. It is responsible for making a man, well, a man. It gives him bigger muscles and a strong sex drive plus helps keep him lean.

But more importantly for BOTH sexes, (yes, women have "T" in their bodies too) it actively reverses the symptoms of stress. It helps -

  • Improve your ability to think and remember

  • Restore and maintain your sex drive and sexual fulfillment

  • Maintain liver function (Your liver is where your body burns fat. Poor liver function = minimal fat loss)

  • Decrease the risk of heart attack

  • Decreases the risk of breast cancer in women

Arguably and most importantly, testosterone -

Counters and reverses the effects of too much cortisol (it decreases belly fat in both sexes and manboobs in men).


Growth Hormone - Your Own Personal Fountain of Youth

Growth Hormone is the hormone that's responsible for, well, growth. But more importantly, recovery.

It helps -

  • Retain and grow new muscle

  • Enhances your ability to burn fat both during exercise and at rest

  • Increase your ability eat (yummy) carbs by balancing and counteracting levels of insulin in your body

  • Reverses the aging process by decreasing the damage done by free radicals

And the reason these two hormones are important to you is because you can actually reverse the effects of stress and therefore stress hormones by performing specific types of kettlebell workouts.

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Start Amplifying Your Anabolic Hormones...

Without a doubt, the fastest, easiest way to reverse the havoc your stress hormones are wreaking on your life is by performing "Anabolically Amplified Workouts" with your kettlebells.

"Anabolically Amplified" Kettlebell Workouts do three things to decrease your stress levels -

1. Drive up your body's natural level of testosterone.

This counteracts the negative impact of cortisol, helping you get stronger, put on more muscle, and decrease your belly fat.

2. Drive up your body's natural level of growth hormone.

This counteracts the negative impact of too much insulin, which occurs when you're chronically stressed out and helps you look younger, burn fat, and decrease the size of your lovehandles.

3. Provide immediate psychological stress relief through challenging workouts.

These workouts must be challenging enough to relieve immediate stress but not so challenging that you can't recover from them. When and only when you get this right will you start to make constant progress without worrying about whether or not you're going to see results.



Anabolically Amplified Kettlebell Workouts Are The Closest Thing To A 'Silver Bullet' To Relieve Stress, Jump-Start Progress, And Finally Start Seeing Results Again

Here's what makes these workouts different from all others - their duration.

These workouts are short - between 10 and 30 minutes each, depending on your schedule and the program you choose.

Why Are These Workouts So Short?

There Are Three Main Reasons... 

1. Because as the duration of your workout increases, here's what happens -

  • Your ability to focus decreases as the worries of outside stress creep in... distracting you from your main purpose - stress relief and training to achieve your main goal

  • Your ability to produce force decreases due to increased fatigue... making a less-than-optimal workout and tapping into already tapped-out recovery reserves

  • As your fatigue increases, your technique decreases... making each rep sloppier and sloppier increasing your potential to get injured

  • And your cortisol levels once again increase... decreasing your testosterone and increasing your fat storage in your stomach and lovehandles... (Remember, we want to manage and decrease our cortisol levels)

 2. Because by decreasing the length of our workouts we -

  • Increase the likelihood we can actually fit them into our already stress-filled, over-scheduled lives and actually get them done

  • Increase our ability to stay focused long enough to routinely and consistently complete each workout

  • Decrease the guilt we experience when we work out and take time away from our families

  • Increase our ability to recover between workouts and start making progress again by balancing out our stress hormones with our anabolic hormones

  • Provide ourselves more frequent emotional outlets for our stress, and therefore increase our greater sense of overall well-being

  • Decrease the stress we feel about not getting results because now are workouts are so short, we can routinely fit them into our schedules and now start to see and feel those results we've been chasing for so long

  • Relieve the stress of having to rationalize to ourselves and justify to our spouses, and our kids why we need to spend time away from them doing workouts that provide no apparent result instead of spending time with them

3. Because the science proves it. 

  • Remember the study we looked at earlier - you can do less work and achieve the same outcome

  • And from my "experiments" many times you can do less work and achieve better results 

Imagine for a minute how good life will be when you can not only finally fit in your workouts without feeling guilty like your cheating your family, but you can also start seeing your strength increase and feeling your pants start to sag around your waist...

 Here's How You Get Started...

There are two ways you can get started with your Anabolically Amplified Kettlebell Workouts today.

1. You can design your own.

This of course sounds like a good idea...

Until you realize that you know very little, if anything, about the exact mechanisms of anabolic hormone stimulation through exercise - the sets, reps, rest periods, and exercise selection nor do you have the time to do the research to find these answers.

Not to mention the fact that just thinking about adding one more thing to do to your already mile-long list increases your stress levels and gets your stomach tightening and your hand reaching for the heartburn relief medication...

Or -

2. You can get your copy of Kettlebell Express!

Kettlebell Express! is a collection of Anabolically Amplified kettlebell programs - 49 different kettlebell programs to be exact.

No fluff, no filler.

No super-detailed explanations to slow your mind down and keep you from getting to work and getting results.

Just cutting-edge, fully periodized, progressively overload kettlebell programs that you can start doing immediately.

Each program is designed to -


  • Help you get your workouts done each week in as little time as possible - between a total workout time of 60 to 90 minutes per week...

  • Help you build consistency in your workouts by making them short and easy to fit into your schedule - no matter how busy and stressed out you currently are (workouts range from between 10 minutes in length 5-6 days per week, 20 minutes per day, 3 days per week, 15 minutes per day 3 to 4 days per week, and more)...

  • Satisfy your need to "feel worked out" with your need to see weekly progress both in your numbers and in the mirror - impossible to do if you're trashing yourself with long workouts all the time...

  • Alleviate that gnawing in your gut when you feel like you don't have time to work out...

  • Rid yourself of the guilt associated trying to justify to your family (and yourself) why long workouts are necessary... 

Here's a "sneak peak" of some of the hormonally transforming kettlebell programs inside Kettlebell Express!...

  • "The Only Warm-Up You'll Ever Need" - 4 exercises, 5 minutes, warmed up, stretched out and ready to go... (p.9-10)

  • The 3 Factors that determine whether you should be on a fat loss, muscle gain, strength training, or conditioning program... (p.12)

  • "Swing Season - 1,2,3" - each has 26 different Swing workouts for the man or woman who doesn't want to think... (p.15-17)

  • The "Bare Bones Basics" - two exercises, 10 minutes per day - perfect for the uber-busy... (p.17)

  • "Getting Down With the Get Up" - 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week - right up your alley if you like to hyperfocus... (p.18-19)

  • "The King-Sized Killer" - The Ultimate Heavy KB Snatch training program designed to slay a heavy kettlebell and turn it from feeling like a tank into feeling like a toy  - 9 weeks, 3 days per week, 20 minutes per day... (p.20-21)

  • "Long Cycle (Of Death)" - Your foray into the land of the Long Cycle Clean + Jerk - the Spetsnaz's favorite kettlebell conditioning lift designed to "make you a better man, even if you're a lady" - to quote Pavel... (p.21-23)

  • "When More Is Better" - the OLAD KB Variations 1, 1.2, 1.3, and 2.0... (p.23-26)

  • "The Old Standby" - A time-tested, battle-hardened fail-proof program template for guaranteed results... (p.27)

  • "The Mixed Bag 1 to 2.4" - The simplest of templates for mixing various grinds and ballistics for simple, brutal, results in both strength and conditioning in only 30 minutes, 3 times each week... (p.27-30)

  • "Supersets, Circuits, And Combos" - The ultimate collection of time-saving kettlebell training (worth the cost of admission), including the "Basic Training" Series, the "Intermediate Training" Series, and "Advanced Training"... (p.33-36)

  • The "Foundation Program" - Lays a serious foundation for double kettlebell training in only 60 minutes per week for 6 weeks... (p.36)

  • The "Fundamentals Circuit" - get [re-] acquainted with the kettlebell basics in this 3 day, 60 minutes per week, "two-pay" option, 6 week program... (p.38)

  • The "Hybrids" Section - learn how to mix kettlebell and bodyweight training with just one kettlebell and your bodyweight - pull-up bar optional. Includes two different editions of the "Total Body Smoker," the "Upper Body Blast," and the "Total Body Blast"... (p.41-44)

  • "Killer Combinations" - Discover how to use compound lifts for maximum time-efficiency and simple, brutal results with just one kettlebell... (p.45)

  • "King-Sized Combos" - the only thing better than the Snatch is when you combine it with these two other exercises, 3 days per week, for 20 minutes... (p.45)

  • "Going Ballistic" with these 5 ballistic kettlebell exercises wrapped in a variety of combinations 20 minutes per day, 3 times per week... (p.46-48)

  • The "Olympic" - 5 different program variations of 3 devilishly simple exercises inspired by our lean and powerful friends, the Olympic Weightlifters... (p.48-50)

  • Go crazy with "Front Squat Madness" - an up close and personal exploration into one of the hardest - and most beneficial kettlebell exercises around - the Front Squat. Two different variations, 55 minutes per week, 3 workouts per week... (p.50-53)

Each one of these exciting programs is a minimum of four weeks (1 month) in length. Some are even as long as 16 weeks. 

There are literally years of kettlebell workouts in here to keep you from being bored silly (swings and get ups anyone?) and provide you with tons of variety, keeping you motivated and helping you relieve stress with fun, challenging workouts.

In fact, I added up all the programs in Kettlebell Express! and if you started at the beginning and did each program from start to finish it would take you 343 weeks!

That's over 6.5 years worth of kettlebell workouts to keep you challenged and get you leaner and stronger and better conditioned than you've ever been before!

And because these programs start from "simple" and progress to "complex", not only will they meet your current fitness levels, they'll help your body adapt and recover so you are guaranteed to see yourself get leaner, stronger, and more muscular.

Imagine having access to this many kettlebell programs - not workouts, but actual programs. Wouldn't it be a relief not to worry about what program you're going to do next? Or whether or not you can fit it into your busy schedule...

Heck, anybody can find one hour a week to work out... which means you can finally get those results you've been frustrated about not getting.

Don't you deserve to finally get rid of your stress and feel better about yourself?

Of course you do.

Doesn't your family deserve a happier, healthier, stress-free you?

Of course they do.


Well now you can finally get the stress relief you and your family have been looking for.

Yeah, I know, this sounds like it might be too good to be true. But it's not. I've experienced it myself and so have my clients and customers. Less really is more.

Look, I know based on my one-on-one personal training rates, my monthly customized program design rates, and the price of my other online kettlebell products that this encyclopedia of kettlebell stress-relief should sell for at least $297.
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It's not going to cost $197.

Not even $97.
You can now get immediate access to ALL 49 of these Powerful, Exciting, Time-Efficient, Stress-Busting Kettlebell Workout Programs for an incredibly low one-time payment of only  


That's less than $1 per program.
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You might be wondering if these workouts will truly work for you. I don't blame you. But I want you to try them and see how good you'll start to feel after you've been doing them for as little as a week. So, I want to take all the risk out of this for you.
When you get your copy of Kettlebell Express! you are protected by my "60 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee." Get these workouts. Use them. If they don't work or you're not happy with them, just send me an email asking for a refund and I'll gladly give your money back.
So you see you have absolutely nothing to lose except your stress!
Still On The Fence?
So at this point there are two directions you can go -

You can remain skeptical and keep doing what you're doing - hoping you can figure out how to maybe write your own kettlebell workouts and get even more stressed and steal even more time from your family...


You can finally see Kettlebell Express! as the relief you've been looking for and you can step into a whole new life - one where you and your family benefit from a calmer, more relaxed, leaner, stronger you.

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NOTE: Kettlebell Express! is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the all the modules onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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