“Who Else Wants to Lose Up To 17 Pounds In Only 29 Days Working Out With Nothing More Than A Pair Of Kettlebells While Enjoying ALL Of Your Favorite Foods?”

Dear Friend,

If you've bought into the dream of swinging kettlebells for rapid weight loss only to be sorely and miserably disappointed by failure, then what I'm about to share with you will be THE most important information you've read all year.

You’re about to learn the EXACT reasons for your failures – which by the way, are not your fault – and what you need to do today to finally see the rapid fat loss you not only desire but expect.

Here’s the TRUTH – You’ve been sold a bill of goods about what it really takes to dump those extra pounds as quickly as possible.

Tell me if this formula looks familiar to you – Eat less and exercise more.

Sure, that works okay, some of the time, for some people. But if that really worked for everyone like the experts say it should, then fat would be melting off your body like ice cream on the 4th of July, wouldn't it?

And since it’s not, there must be something else going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about, right?

There is.

See, the simple reason you’re not losing fat is not because you’re lazy or unmotivated or any of that nonsense – after all, you’re using kettlebells for pete’s sake so we know for a fact that’s not true – it’s because you probably have...

Hormonal Imbalances

Most people think that fat loss is as simple as calories in/calories out. And to some degree, it is.

But that’s not the whole picture.

Sure, if you starve yourself for 40 days and drink nothing but water, you’ll lose a bunch of weight – including fat, muscle, bone, and probably end up worse off from a health perspective than you are now in your currently overweight state.

Here’s what really drives fat loss, especially rapid fat loss – your body’s hormones.

If your hormones are out of balance, that is, your fat-storing hormones are dominating your fat-burning hormones, then you’re going to remain fat.

The key is manipulating your current hormonal status so that your body literally flips the switch from “fat storing” to “fat burning” and stays there.

But how would you know if you have any hormonal imbalances without getting expensive medical tests and blood panels?

Simple – just look in the mirror.

The Theory Of Regional Adiposity

I’m not going to bore you with scientific details about exactly how your body works because it’s a long explanation filled with tons of steps and reactions and quite frankly, I don’t know them all. But what I know, I’ll tell you – in the last 20 years or so scientists have developed theories about where your body stores fat based on hormonal profiles, specifically, hormonal imbalances. This is called regional adiposity.

Your body stores fat in major regions or areas, each of which corresponds to not only an imbalance between your fat-burning and fat-storing hormones, but also a dominance of one or more of those hormones.

Here’s a quick rundown of the big three – see if you recognize yourself in one or more of these three descriptions.

Fat Storage In:

  • Hips, thighs, legs = Too much estrogen
  • Belly, chest (gut and man-boobs) = Too much estrogen, too much cortisol, too much insulin
  • Lovehandles and back fat = Too much insulin

Recognize yourself at all in any of these descriptions?

Don’t worry – most people do.

And that’s because most people are in full time “fat-storing mode.”

Worse yet, many of these same people – maybe even you – double down and just work harder, focusing on the expert’s broken record of “eat less, move more” and continue to go nowhere except the fast-track to Frustrationville.

Sound familiar?

And what makes this a tragedy is that for many, that just leads to your body digging its heels in and keeping right where you are – fat and frustrated.

It’s not that the “eat less, move more” strategy is bad, per se. It’s not. It’s technically sound. However, it’s the tactics – or the application of that strategy that’s keeping people fat and frustrated.

How then do you get out of “fat-storing mode?”

You use...

The 2 Keys To Flipping On Your Fat-Burning “Switch”

There are two keys to flipping on your fat-burning “switch” – or “switches,” because there’s more than one. It’s more like a series of switches, and the following two keys control each of them.

Key #1: Food.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – more dieting, right?

But that’s not it at all.

In fact, dieting may actually be the worst thing in the world for you if you’re trying to lose fat rapidly.

Your body hates deprivation. Like Goldilocks in the story about the three bears – it likes “everything just right.” In fact, your hormones protect your body from deprivation.

You’ve heard of “starvation mode,” right?

Well that’s a result of deprivation. That’s what you experience if you go on one of those 40-day fasts like I mentioned earlier or when you cut your calories too low, for too long.

The key is to use food as your ally in the war against fat. And that means in order to work with your body and your hormones instead of against them, you can’t use traditional dieting strategies.

For example, did you know that after just 7 days of traditional low-calorie dieting, leptin, the appetite-suppressing hormone decreases by up to 50%? This in turn sends a signal to your thyroid to slow down your metabolic rate – the rate at which you use energy (burn calories). Not exactly what you want your body to be doing – burning less calories – when you’re trying to lose fat.

Not only must you eat foods that maintain or increase your metabolic rate, you must also eat foods that signal your body to turn off your fat-storing hormones and turn on your fat-burning hormones. And you must eat them in the correct quantities.

Therefore, food is the key to restoring the balance between your fat-storing hormones and fat-burning hormones.

You're following so far, right?

Key #2: Exercise.

If food restores the hormonal balance on your fat-storing / fat-burning see-saw, think of exercise as the schoolyard bully who jumps on the fat-burning end and throws poor little Johnny McFatsalot off onto his butt and makes him run home crying to his mommy.

See exercise, when performed correctly in the right amounts and with the right exercises, accelerates the fat-burning processes, which is quite the opposite of what most people think.

Most people think that they can simply use exercise as THE mechanism for burning off ugly stored fat. But that’s only true if you use your food to get out of “fat-storage” mode.

For example, if what you eat is putting you in “fat-storing” mode, exercise – especially the wrong kinds – can keep you there due to a release of too much cortisol, which as we saw earlier, was one of the culprits in belly fat.

Therefore your exercise must not only stimulate, but optimize the release of your fat-burning hormones.

Make sense?

And now you know why you see fat marathon runners.

Ok, so that’s Fat Loss 101.

How about Fat Loss 401 – The Advanced Course On Rapid Fat Loss?

Here’s the deal:

In order to lose fat as quickly as possible, you must be able to speed up the processes that occur inside the body. You must maximize hormonal output through eating and amplify that output with exercise.

And that’s done with two powerful strategies:

1. Create a relatively severe caloric deficit.

2. Intense daily exercise to burn off as much stored body fat as possible.

If that sounds familiar to you, it should. That’s what just about everybody who tries to lose fat quickly does – and they fail – miserably.


Because you have to be able to put your body into a severe enough caloric deficit to not only burn fat, but keep burning fat and do so at a faster than average pace without triggering “starvation mode.”

And, not only that, but you have to be able to work out hard enough and often enough to burn off those extra calories stored as body fat.

And in most cases you end up with sore muscles, achy joints, and feeling like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck, which zaps your energy, severely challenges your resolve to keep going, and lowers your defenses against those nasty food cravings.

So, like I mentioned earlier, the problem is that although, many people – maybe even you – get the strategies right, they completely screw up the tactics – the actual application part.

That’s not their fault though. They don’t know about –

Neuro-Metabolic Contrasts – Reversing Regional Adiposity By Unleashing Your Fat-Burning Hormones

When the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, there was a mass exodus of brains and talent from the Eastern Bloc.

One of those brains, Professor Vladimir Zatsiorsky, was the Chief Bio-Mechanist for all Soviet Olympic Teams from 1980-1988. He formulated the secret to great strength –

“Train as often as possible, as heavy as possible, as fresh as possible.”

Most people don’t know that it’s also the secret to Rapid Fat Loss.

And the only way to use this secret is to understand how to apply it. And that’s done by contrasting the intensity of your workouts, like this:

Heavy - Light - Heavy - Light - Heavy - Light

This allows the body to do as much work as possible by training more frequently – literally TWICE as much as traditional training protocols of Light – Medium – Heavy.

It also promotes “freshness,” as the light workouts provide a sort of “tonic” effect on the nervous system, allowing it to recover faster than just taking complete rest days.

This means that you can do more work. And doing more work means you’ll burn more calories stored as fat on your body.

That just makes sense, doesn't it?

But there’s more, much more.

The body seems to produce faster adaptations when there are contrasts in ALL areas of training – not just workouts, but nutrition, and recovery too.

This is especially true for rapid fat loss.

By contrasting the types of workouts you do, the foods you eat, the quantities and times you eat them, and introducing specific recovery methods, you’ll apply the rapid fat loss tactics that most people don’t know about – tactics which reverse the fat-storing process by turning on your fat-burning hormones.

Don’t be fooled here, I’m not talking about contrasting these things haphazardly like “muscle confusion” or some other late-night TV infomercial nonsense. You must have a systematic plan of attack – a plan that’s neither confusing nor hard to use.

Enter Neuro-Metabolic Contrasts

And that’s what Neuro-Metabolic Contrasts do. They are specific stimuli that make changes first in your nervous system and then in your metabolism, like a computer programmer writing code.

And they systematically contrast all your workout, nutrition, and recovery variables – “stacking” them for larger gains in lean body mass and faster losses in body fat.

This “stacking effect” compounds the strength of each contrast, making it more powerful when applied together than when they are used on their own.

Get these contrasts right, and you literally unleash your body’s fat burning hormones, reversing the regional adiposity we learned about before.

There Are 3 Basic Neuro-Metabolic Contrasts That Reverse Regional Adiposity:

1. Exercise And Loading Contrasts

In order to work as “heavy as possible, as often as possible, as fresh as possible,” you must contrasts the weights you use and the types of exercises you use.

For example, kettlebell lifts break down into two specific categories – Grinds, which are slow and heavy, and Ballistics, which are lighter and explosive.

However, what 99% of most people don’t know is that each category produces a specific hormonal effect on your body.

Grinds increase testosterone, which combats that stomach fat, leg fat, and those man-boobs.

Ballistics increase growth hormone, which combats insulin and cortisol, and those love handles.

Therefore, we use sets, reps, rest and such things to influence the release of our fat-burning hormones and counter the damage of the fat-storing hormones.

Make sense?

2. Nutrient And Timing Contrasts

Did you know that you can actually lose fat by eating carbohydrates?

It’s true.

Exercise scientists discovered that “fat burns in a carbohydrate fire.” That means that while exercising, your body burns through carbs before it reaches fat, similar to kindling in a big wood fire.

By contrasting the times and amounts of carbs you eat, you can speed up the fat loss process by once again manipulating your fat loss hormones, specifically, glucagon and growth hormone, the counterparts to insulin, which makes your body store fat on your lovehandles and back.

Glucagon signals the release sugar stored in your muscle (glycogen) for fuel when blood sugar is low. When glycogen stores are low and protein consumption relatively high, muscle tissue is spared, fat stores are mobilized, and your body creates energy from its stored fat (triglycerides).

We all want more of that, don't we?

Growth hormone (GH) is one of your body’s regeneration hormones but when elevated, signals your body to burn fat for fuel. And interestingly enough, by implementing one simple nutrient contrast, you can actually triple the amount of your GH production!

But that’s just the start.

You can and should contrast minimal amounts of food with excess amounts of food as well.

Doing so keeps the body in a long-term caloric restrictive state without triggering “starvation mode” through the manipulation of leptin, your appetite-suppressing hormone, and ghrelin, the appetite-stimulating hormone.

Get this balance wrong and you’ll turn on those fat-storing hormones again.

3. Work-Rest Contrasts

Here’s yet another dirty little secret that virtually no one talks about in the weight loss industry – rest.

For example, did you know that if you sleep less than 7 hours a night you alter your fat-storing to fat-burning hormone production?

Cortisol increases, adding to your stomach fat. And as a result, sdding insult to injury, your growth hormone and testosterone levels both decrease, which in turn decreases your muscle mass. That’s bad, bad news because guess what your body uses to burn calories?

That’s right – your muscles. So lose them and you’re losing your ability to burn fat rapidly.

So here’s what you need to know – it’s not how hard or how much you work, it’s how much you can recover from.

If you can’t recover from your demanding workouts, then you screw up your hormonal balance (again).

Is this making sense so far?


You need to plan your recovery both while you’re working out to maximize your work output (calorie burning) and when you’re not working out, so you can be fresh enough to workout again as soon as possible to burn even more calories.

Remember – the key to rapid fat loss is to train as heavy as possible, as often, as possible, as fresh as possible. And you can’t do that if you use traditional tactics and feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck. (... a Mack truck has hit you.)

So how do you put all of this information together?

How do you apply Neuro-Metabolic Contrasts in your kettlebell training for rapid fat loss?

Introducing Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!

This is the rapid fat loss program the kettlebell community has been eagerly anticipating for over the last year, and with good reason.

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  • You’ll eat all of your favorite foods, in as much quantities as you like, strategically of course, to prime your body for optimal fat-burning

  • Trick your body and your mind into becoming stronger using “autoregulation,” in contrast to most fat loss programs which make you weaker

  • Burn calories at nearly double the rate of normal fat loss programs due to advanced training, nutrition, and recovery protocols, by working out every day, without soreness, strain, or pain associated with normal fat loss programs

  • Improve your overall sense of well-being and confidence from watching your body change on a weekly basis

  • Increase your confidence and sex drive without expensive therapy, pills, or potions by increasing your body’s natural hormone output

  • Manipulate your body’s fat-burning and fat-storing hormones, nearly tripling your output of growth hormone – one of your body’s main fat-burning hormones, through one simple strategy that costs nothing

  • Keep your appetite in check so you don’t feel the normal hunger pangs that are associated with dieting and diet sabotage

  • Eat carbohydrates on a regular basis and actually burn them off to lose fat, enabling you to enjoy some of your favorite foods and eat normal meals with your family and friends

  • Enjoy your social life without feeling embarrassed or humiliated by friends for being on yet another “diet”

  • Decrease daily stress levels through daily endorphin release from your workouts AND relax as a result of active recovery methods

What About Results?

What kind of results can you experience? I’ll let real users share their results...

Steve Kiely lost 17.6lbs, 6.3% bodyfat, and 3.5 inches off his waist, while adding 1.5 inches to his shoulders in only 30 days!
Nate Trentseaux Gets Shredded And His Client Angela Clark Surpasses Her “Goal Weight”
Angela Clark surpasses her “goal weight” and burns off another 7 pounds getting down to 118 pounds, after already dropping 40.

Nate loses “only 5 pounds” starting at 133 pounds and gets shredded. Gets his body fat down to 8.4% and breaks University of Florida’s BodPod body fat measuring device!
Matt T., 47, father of 4, dropped 10lbs, lost his spare tire, and got back down to his high school weight while getting stronger!

Today I finished day 17, which is the sets of 3 MP and SQ. Since I started I have added on 3 sets to this day. And for yesterdays W/O I have added 40 Cleans and 46 Swings in the same amount of time. Today I jumped on the scale my weight is 205.2 down 13.8 lbs.

Paul Straw

“Hi Geoff, I have to tell you that I LOVE this program! I will continue this way of eating until I have reached my goal. I have struggled to lose fat for so long and you have finally given me something that works! After two weeks I was down 4.5 lbs and 1.4% body fat. After 4 weeks lost 9lbs total. To me, being female...that is amazing!”

Stephane Groendyk

“I just completed Burn Extreme and lost 17 lbs of scale weight and gained enough muscle to make my girlfriend go "Holy crap!" in one month. (I paired it with Tim Ferriss' Slow-Carb diet which isn't too different from Geoff's recommendations)

Whatever you do be sure to throw in daily cold exposure. This is addressed in Burn Extreme and I attribute a lot of my success to it. Helps a lot with recovery too.”

- Condorfiorus, dragondoor forum member

Joe Carbonne lost 14lbs in 30 days!

”It's hard to tell from the pics, but i am much tighter now, and i'm down about a size in my clothes. i'm delighted with the numbers, but i'm even more excited about what i learned regarding doubles, active recovery, contrast showers and eating. thanks so much, geoff!“

Laura McNally

”End of week 3, still going. Wt: 183 to 173.5, -9.5lb, BF%: 12.17% to 9.35%, -2.85%, True waist at navel: 36.375" to 34", -2", Hips:41" to 39", -2", Arm: 15.25" to 15", -.25", thigh: 23"to 22.5", -.5", Shoulders: 48.25" to 47", -1.25".”

Corban Cofer

“I have great respect for Geoff and his knowledge and the products he produces. They continue to produce results for my clients and myself so I was very excited to try out Kettlebell Burn Extreme. I have always had a bit of stubborn fat around the mid section that refuses to subdue to my training or diet. The workouts in KB Extreme are just that…EXTREME!. Very challenging both mentally and physically, I love double kettlebell work and this program delivered! I set new personal bests each week, getting more work done in the same amount of time. This is super motivating for a guy like me and my body responded with amazing results. I packed on gobs of new dense muscle, my shoulders and chest grew, my back widened, and my legs exploded. I was putting on muscle in all the right places and my mid section was being stripped of that stubborn fat. These workouts were fast and effective, they left me with a ravenous appetite so I ate clean and ate often. After the program was complete I was much stronger then when I started, my waist was smaller and my body was dense and thick. I went from wearing a 34" to a 32" in pants, gained 1" on my legs,and almost a 1" in shirt(chest) size. It was a perfect kick start to the summer! Great stuff!”

Kevin G. Knapp, RKC

“Sure, I've picked up principles, philosophies, and unique exercises here and there, but I've never truly followed another trainer's program before.

Hey, I'm an award-winning trainer (ACE Personal Trainer of the Year, AllExperts.com Expert of the Year, and 3-time NSCA PT of the Year finalist) and have presented on program design at IDEA and Club industry. I always followed my own "3=4=5" System exclusively.

But when it came to designing kettlebell programs, I was lost. Fortunately, I'd been reading Geoff's blog for a while, and decided Kettlebell Burn would fit well for me and for my clients. I was so happy with the program, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to try Kettlebell Burn Extreme.

Not only did I lose an inch-and-a-half off my waist (c'mon, now - I'm a trainer and former model, so frankly I didn't have much to lose), but I'm more defined than I've been since my nine-year-old was born. Priorities and schedules change (for the better!) once you have kids, and I love that I'm in and out of the gym so quickly and that I'm not drained all day. And my shower is even part of my workout! That's cool (pardon the pun - you'll get it later).

I got so much out of KBX, I'm still doing it to a large degree. (Yeah, Geoff, I know you're not supposed to.)”

Stephen Holt
Named "One of America's Greatest Trainers" by Men's Fitness

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